Don't Compromise

You might ask "Why should I hire someone to build a website when I can build one myself on Wordpres or Blogger for cheaper?". With services like Wordpress and Blogger you are limited by templates and the built-in editing features. While this might be fine for a personal blog or a amateur portfolio, a professional business needs a personalized design, functionality, and look that is often unobtainable through such services. Our services are not limited. I have the ability and the experience to come up with a unique professional design without compromise.

Why You Should Work With Me

I have years of experience in web design as well as photography and print design. I guarrantee that the website that we build for you will be asthetically pleasing and intuitive to use.

Having a good looking and intuitive website is expected in this day and age but sadly, companies often neglect this important aspect of reaching out to clients. From my own experience, if a company I do business with has a messy, cluttered, and off-putting website, I might think twice before working with them again.

A website offers a controlled first impression that can make all of the difference. Don't squander your first impression with a mediocre website that doesn't appropriately represent your company.

Form Follows Function

One of the hardest learned lessons that often takes years to learn is that form follows function. This means that we don't design a website and then just shove your content into the design we had already created. First we learn about your company and gather content. When we know what the purpose of your company's website will be, we will build the website around the content to provide the function that you need,

This is a common pitfall for web design. There are plently of pre-made templates for sale (or even for free) that look great but aren't created with your company's website content in mind. The result is often that you end up with something that kind of works but doesn't feel completely right.

Not a great first impression to make...