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Now Open Sundays 11 AM – 4 PM
4908 - A, Rainier Ave South,
Seattle WA 98118



From our customers

Carla J.
LOVE this place, I am attempting to work myself through the hot sandwich menu to no avail... I keep going back to the HODGE!!

HODGE: Magnificent masterpiece of delightfulness with crisp BACON! My Mr tried it and is hooked too!!! GO!!! Pay, bite, ENJOY!!!

Robin M., Seattle, WA
I want to eat here every day. I love their specialty sandwich called The Chelsea but don't recommend eating it while driving. They are locally owned, make delicious sandwiches and are nice to kids. What else can one ask for? Maybe a location on Capitol Hill?
Rassamee H., Seattle, WA
Popped by Chelsea Deli for lunch the other day. Ordered the Chelsea which to quote the menu is a sub with "roasted turkey and red onion, tomato, a spicy chipotle mayo sauce and melted pepper jack." The sandwich was gorgeous and huge, plus super scrumptious. The chipotle mayo was actually smokey AND spicey. The sandwich is served hot and the melted pepperjack with house smoked turkey make a superb combination. I also ordered a cup of the Chicken Noodle soup which was equally good. They offer four soups a day, perfect for the soup lover in me. Chelsea Deli offers vegan options with locally made Field Roast as well as sandwiches that are a tip off to the neighborhood including an intriguing Banh Mi. I will be back!
Mike C., Seattle, WA
The most intense 4" you can eat. We've been here several times in the last week, and the sandwiches are all fan-frackin-tastic. Believe the hype: this 4" makes their 6" look sad and droopy. Beware the spices though - this guy is serious. I found the meat loaf a little too spicy. Family favorites are the turkey & cheddar and the Rueben.
j s., Seattle, WA
Simply the best hot sandwiches in the city. Haven't tried much of the cold menu; but I've worked my way through most of the hot sandwiches all are excellently prepared and very tasty. Eating here makes one ponder why so many other sandwich specialty shops cannot put together something of this caliber. I mean experiment and improve, dudes. The Hula is superb, but really have yet to be disappointed with any sandwich offered. Great vegetarian selection as well.

I must say that when I first heard of the Deli in Columbia City that was "really good", I thought to myself, "It's a sandwich place, how special can it be?" Now, I eat there several times a week. If you can name a better place, I'll try them, too. Meanwhile, back to Chelsea...

V G., Seattle, WA
So we've gone here about, oh, 150 more times since my last review. LOVE. THEM. They just make amazing sandwiches AND soups and are so nice, but more importantly, YUM. I just finished having my custom made roasted turkey sandwich with a bunch of other stuff, and not only did they make it exactly how I wanted it to be, but it was an amazing sandwich. I think they put up my hub's and my sandwiches on the wall - "the Mark" - one roast turkey with: lettuce, tomato, onion, pickled peppers, provolone, mayo, mustard, oil & vinegar, and one roast beef with: lettuce, tomato, pickled peppers, pepper jack, horseradish mustard, chipotle mayo, oil & vinegar; both on sub rolls.

The soups are also some of the best soups! Most sandwich shops are quite lacking in the soup area - but these are made from scratch, great flavors (today I had a roast garlic, jalapeno lentil and the hubs had an Asian chicken something, both were great!) - not the weird consistency and blandness you usually get from other delis. Anyway, they definitely earned that last star. We try to come here at least 2x/week. These folks know their sandwiches! I hope they stick around for a LONG time 'cause I needs my noms...

I want another one right now.

Kanchana S., Seattle, WA
This is exactly what Columbia City needed! Tried their meatloaf sandwich for lunch today. AMAZING! Full of flavor and a little bit of spice to add. The owner David said that he hasn't quite perfected his recipe but he could've fooled me. At about $4.50 for a 4 inch sub it's pretty reasonable. Would definitely go back here again and take friends with me!
Louis B., Seattle, WA
Awesome food, friendly people. What more can I say? Oh, get a 4" sandwich, 8" feeds two.
JN Q., Kirkland, WA
Great place for quick delicious soup and flavorFUL sandwiches. I will keep going back to try everything on the menu!!
Meredith S. Seattle, WA
If you are a vegetarian, don't ask questions...just get the eggplant parmesan sandwich. I dream about this sandwich. Gooey, saucy, provolone melting goodness. Do it!
George P.
This place is nice and clean, with simple decor and a friendly staff. But you can tell where they put their efforts: really tasty sandwiches! Everything we've tried there is top notch. They don't skimp on the meat, so the "half size" is plenty unless you're a big eater. They also have field roast options for the vegetarians. If you have little ones, ask them to make you kids-sized versions of sandwiches like the ham + cheese on wheat bread.