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Kamune Consulting
Say you have ideas for a web service. It could be social one like Twitter or a business one like It could be open to everyone on the Internet or restricted to a select few. It could be integrated into services like Facebook, a special promotion or standalone.

Whatever it is, we can build it for you. We are experts at building high quality web services fast. We want to be proud of what we do and we want you to be happy with our work. Just tell us what you want your web service to do. We'll get it done. A relatively simple yet scalable service can be done within a month. Give us a call at 425 943 9451.

Web Service

This is a typical web service accessed from browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, from a PC or a phone from anywhere in the world.

Here is the fastest way to get a simple service deployed. You can get an available domain name ( for under $20 a year. You don't need to buy computers to run your web servers and databases. You can host it on Google App Engine. Don't worry, Google does not comb through that data. With Google App Engine you can serve around 5 million monthly page views for free.

All you need to do is some design, coding and testing to get it all working beautifully. Which is what we can do for you.

Web services are not to be confused with plain web pages. If a blog or a company home page is what you want, you probably don't need a web service. You can use many automated sites to build them. But if you want a custom business application or social application you'll need a web service. If this isn't very clear, call us anyway. We can clarify.

What we do
1. User Experience. This is more of an art to strike the right balance between form and function and between simplicity and richness. It's a challenge to make a web service very easy yet very pleasant to use. We'll understand your requirements, your typical customers, your typical scenarios and design the user experience appropriately. We'll prototype, test and refine it iteratively to get to optimal design.

2. Service implementation. We'll design the database and the web service. (If you choose not to use Google App Engine, we can design the service on a custom web server). We'll define the interface and build the service to support all the features. We'll make sure it is secure, scalable and fast. We can integrate with email and such for notifications.

3. Client implementation. We can design custom client user interface with Javascript and AJAX for server communication. We can also do graphic design for beautiful styling. We can also develop clients on Facebook platform. We can test your service for usability, functionality, stress and performance.

4. Project Management. We plan the project, set milestones and communicate effectively throughout the project. We can review the progress periodically at your convenience. We'll hand over the completed service for you to run it.

Technologies: Javascript, C, Python, SQL, Google App Engine, Facebook platform, Mootools, Apache, SSL, HTML, WML, etc.

About Us
The company founder, Raja Abburi, previously worked at Microsoft, last as the General Manager for MSN Messenger and Outlook Express clients. Messenger has 100s of millions of users world wide. He also worked on PC-Telephony service, Digital Rights Management and early on created the personal web server and web publishing for Windows 95.

At this company, we've created a business productivity web service: for next generation online collaboration. Please try it out to see our capabilities. We can also customize that service for your needs if you choose.

We've also applied our technology for social applications with as a Facebook application.

We've been around the block. We know a lot about building secure scalable usable web services. We're based in Bellevue, Washington, USA.

Follow up
These days building web services has become easier. However, building high quality web services is still very hard. Many great ideas end up with underwhelming results if you make poor choices along the way or have mediocre people doing the job. Remember, in software the best people are often 10 times more effective than average people. If it doesn't work out, you have to abandon the idea or start all over again.

Life is short. Resources are precious. Whether or not we are a match, we recommend that you go with the best.

If you like what you see here and want to talk about your ideas, please do give us a call: 425 943 9451 or send us an email at to get the ball rolling.