Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. We do not share or sell any user information.

Kamune runs on the Google App Engine

This means that your data is stored on and you interact with Google App Engine servers. Please refer to the Google App Engine Privacy Notice for more details.

Kamune has no access to your gmail

Even though Kamune runs on the Google App Engine and uses Google/Gmail accounts to authenticate users, Kamune has no access to your Gmail messages.

Emails you receive from Kamune

When other users choose to notify you of updates to the Kamune rooms you visit, an email may be sent to your contact email address. You may also occasionally receive administrative emails about the service during the beta period. You may change your notification settings to control which emails you receive.

Your email address

We value your privacy very much. Your email address remains private and is not exposed to other users you collaborate with on Kamune.


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